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Thriller LP is the leading Blockchain/Crypto/Fintech Media brand for millennial's around the world. Through our coverage of podcasts, news, livestreams, and entertainment we inspire thousands to get out there and get involved with Blockchain/Fintech/DLT Technologies.


Blockchain is a exciting technology, and we hear from people all over the world who want to learn more about it — and not just the basic, standard explanation, but really digging into the technology and learn how it works, what its uses are, and how they can harness it. Which is why we attend Blockchain conferences and Blockchain meetups and bootcamps. We learn, so we can help educate the capability's of Blockchain Technology.


Bitcoin has forced itself to become an investment. The volatility makes it much harder to use as currency. That has made it seem more viable as an investment than as a currency to many, but investment analysts remain wary of bitcoin still. We educate the world on where Bitcoin is going and where its been. By diving into the history of the cypherpunks and the future of "Layer 2" protocols on the Blockchain.


2017 was the year of crypto. In just 12 months, the total number of cryptocurrencies and exchanges increased from 617 to 1,335, according to a recent report from research firm Investment Bank. There are a growing number of cryptocurrencies, and exchanges the vast majority of them could very well be scams, we educate the world on each and every one of them.


A new report released by found that Millennials (between the ages of 22 and 37) had a 17% cryptocurrency ownership rate out of the 2,001 American adults surveyed. Gen X had a 9% rate and Baby Boomers were a bit over 2%. It is no surprise that Millennials are one of the largest age groups to invest in crypto. We create content for them everyday through our Media Brands.


As demand for cryptocurrency grows, global regulators are divided on how to keep up with it. Most digital currencies are not backed by any central government, meaning each country has different standards. We are informing the world on what those standards are in a clear and concise fashion.


The lack of transparency and accountability of leaders around the globe will usher in a sea change. We believe that truth will set us free and distributed trust will profoundly affect humanity all over the world in all walks of life. Innovators today are building blockchain-based applications that serve these ends and we invite them on to our media brands to discuss their projects to help bring the change we want to see.

Media Brands

Thriller LP exists where blockchain technology, innovation and the future collide. We create news content for the millennial generation by informing them what's happening and important right now. We're crafting educational & entertaining stories about Blockchain, Crypto and the Fintech world. We celebrate individuality with an insatiable drive to include everyone from all over the world.

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Building a successful team is about more than finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills. The art of fostering a strong sense of teamwork. Their insights can help lay the groundwork for a highly productive team that can communicate, cooperate and innovate in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.
We are growing that team currently.

About Us


Car Gonzalez started Thriller LP in early 2016. He actually got into mining Bitcoin around the end of 2010. Only to sell that same laptop holding 50 BTC a couple years later. He did not realize at the time how much of an impact this would have on the entire world, until the launch of Ethereum in 2015. It was then he realized how important Blockchain Technology would become. He had no one to discuss Blockchain Technology with. It was still new and all of his friends thought he was out there and a bit crazy about this stuff. So he decided to continue learning more and more about the technology. He was obsessed. His obsession led to him starting a podcast 7 days a week,

Car Gonzalez originally released shows on but the lack of customization for his podcast made him make the move to SoundCloud. There he had access to his own RSS feed and a young community in love with hip hop and digital money. Something sparked and he began receiving positive feedback from a millennial audience just as excited as he was about Blockchain Technology. Soon others joined and Thriller LP was born.

In May of 2018 the Thriller Crypto website was created to gather up to the minute News in Blockchain, Fintech and Crypto. In June 2018 Thriller Crypto News Daily will be released to cover the ever-evolving Blockchain space 5 days a week. Currently Thriller LP has 3 different shows being produced as well on a weekly basis. Thriller Coin Talk, (For the Coin Collector interested in all things Cryptocurrency) Thriller Convo, (Interviews with the latest and greatest in the Blockchain Space.) and Thriller Podcast (News & Analysis covering the Hottest Topics in the Blockchain Space and History of Cryptography and its future.)

Thriller LP is delivering the latest research into the Blockchain subjects requested by our listeners / readers /viewers every week. It is truly the only Blockchain Media Company for the world wide millennial audience.

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